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updated 08/02/05

What do you do while you're knitting? I listen to audio books. I've been a member at Audible for a couple of years and HIGHLY recommend them. They'll send you a free mp3 player if you sign up for year.

Free Patterns:

~~~~Double Trouble Socks

~~~~Lenore's Slippers

Works in Progress:

I've been knitting the Koigu Oriental Jacket for over a year now. I've also got some Double Trouble Socks going in Fortissima Colori.

My usual WIPS consist of a living room project -something that is either too big or too complicated to stick in my bag and bring with me-- and a travel project, for working on during breaks at work, in waiting rooms, theatres, long red lights, etc. You have to guess which is which - sometimes, they really are interchangable.

Finished Objects

If you're not here for the Double Trouble Pattern, you just want the pictures, right? Here they are:

Socks Sweaters Other Stuff
Fixation Socks Sure-to-Fit Pullover Lenore's Slippers
Opal Sock of the Month Shelley's Lace Cardigan
Yummy Plum Socks Another Sure-to-Fit Pullover
Baseball Socks The Newfoundland Sweater
Regia Socks Welcome Back, Old Friend
Fun Sun socks The Diamond Patch Sweater
The Original Double Trouble Socks
Me Too Socks
Children in Common

UFO Sighting!

~~~~ A gigantic disaster - gauge for yourself: the Enchanted Forest Cardigan

Other stuff I still need to take photos of: ...the Circumnavigated Cardigan...the Magical Mitered Vest...the Pretzel Sweater...the June Opal SOTM...my problems with Zen...and more...

If you live anywhere near New Hampshire, or if you don't - you should check this place out.

The Sad Cafe Youth Programs & Entertainment Venue Plaistow New Hampshirel

A nonprofit organization offering after school programs, local amateur musicians & bands performances, teen dances & other events in a drug-free, family & teen friendly environment.


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