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The Socknitters mailing list has instigated a challenge to send 1000 socks by September of this year to children living in Eastern Europe (Russia and countries formerly belonging to the USSR). These socks are hand carried to the children by members of Children in Common , a charity that endeavors to better the lives of these children.

Please read more about this worthwhile organization, and about the socknitters' challenge by following the links above. You can go directly to the Socknitters Challenge page by clicking here.

Here are some socks I've been knitting to bolster our totals. While I understand the greatest need is for teen-sized worsted weight socks, I couldn't resist kniting up some infant sizes in some leftover Opal. To the lower right you can see a pair I have on the needles. Naturally, all of these were done 2 at a time on circular needles.

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